Renaissance Woman is the best way to describe Lea McIntosh.

Meet the multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-experienced, multi-amazing Lea McIntosh. Lea has the right combination of talents and experiences that make her accomplished in a variety of disciplines: business marketing and branding, culinary arts, graphic and web design, event design and music performance.

In business, Lea is a busy entrepreneur who is building her own lifestyle brands, Nesting Newbies® and Protein Mixology, to help consumers lead healthy and enjoyable lives. For Nesting Newbies, she has built a loyal following through stellar content and grassroots new media marketing. Protein Mixology is currently in development and she recently received a provisional patent  that will have a positive impact on the consumer protein market.

Lea backs her charismatic on-camera personality with years of experience in the culinary arts. She is a credentialed chef, former owner of an upscale catering and event production company with an A-list clientele including Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Bugatti, Baccarat, and Kimpton Hotels. Her culinary proficiencies include recipe development, food and prop styling, and event design and production.